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Have you considered the benefits of being a Member of the HEATING & COOLING ALLIANCE of AUSTRALIA?


  • Your Company displayed on the HCAA WEBSITE which attracts more than 45,000 visitors per annum (2011 records)
  • RECEIVE CONSUMER REFERRALS by being part of the Alliance's referral service
  • Joint MARKETING opportunities with other members. Yellow Pages and supply authorities
  • Professionally designed presentation BROCHURE that identifies your business as a SPECIALIST and adds credibility to your business
  • Representation on GOVERNMENT and Educational bodies
  • Meetings & SEMINARS to keep members abreast of the opportunities that arise in the Industry and a chance to NETWORK with your Industry peers and suppliers both on a business and social level
  • BUSINESS & TECHNICAL advice on matters affecting you and your Industry
  • A NEWSLETTER keeping you up to date with industry matters and changes to regulations.

All of these services and functions are designed to make your industry more professional and profitable. So why not be a part of our forward looking industry and make your business part of the success story.

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Our History
The eventual formation of this Alliance as we know it today came about through the amalgamation of a number of different bodies. It was formerly known as the Heating and Cooling Association of Australia (HCAA).

The HCAA operates under the Master Plumbers which has been in existence since 1891.

Members carry out a broad range of services including Sewerage, Water, Gas, Roofing and other services such as Fire Sprinklers, Asbestos Removal and of course Heating and Cooling.

As Industry has changes over the years, where some plumbing businesses might do some or all of these works, especially country members, most businesses now specialise their skills in certain areas of expertise.

This specialisation in the Heating and Cooling sector started back in the 1950's when Oil Heating and Evaporative Cooling started to become popular. Within the Master Plumbers there was a small group of businesses that formed what was then known as the Heating Panel. The members of the group were plumbing contractors only.

At the same time there was another Association formed consisting of Oil Heating Equipment Manufacturers, Installers, and related businesses. This was called the Oil Burning Industry Association.

When natural gas came to Melbourne in the 1960 - 70's this created a huge growth market in Ducted Heating. The Industry growth through the 1970's & 80's was about 300% per annum. This brought a whole new group of businesses into the Industry, who weren't all plumbers.

In about 1979 a group of these businesses met with the members of the Oil Burning Industry Association and decided to join forces (The oil heating industry was declining as fast as the gas heating sector was growing). This Association became known as The Heating & Cooling Association of Victoria.

Membership was open to all participants in the Industry, from Contractor to Duct & Equipment Manufacturer.

The Heating Panel of the Master Plumbers also grew through this period and became a Sub-Association in its own right called the "National Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Contractors Association Inc". Membership was only open to Plumbing Contractors.

We then had two Associations representing the Industry for a number of years until about 1994. Both groups then joined together to form the Association (HCAA) which changed it's name to 'Alliance' in 2011.

The HCAA is still a sub group of the Master Plumbers and members must belong to the Master Plumbers plus specialise in Heating, Cooling, Air Conditioning and or Ventilation.

With the amalgamation came some changes to the membership rules also. Membership in different formats is open to all participants in the Industry. There is Full Contractor membership. Affiliate membership for Manufacturers, plus Retired Associate Member and Individual Associate Member, for individuals in allied professions such as Designers, TAFE lecturers, specifiers who wish to assist and develop the Plumbing Profession.

Since the amalgamation, the Association has been instrumental in achieving many benefits within the Industry and for consumers mainly in the areas of:

  • Licensing of Contractors
  • Consumer Protection
  • Installation Standards
  • Energy Efficiency


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